Saturday, January 11, 2014

Officially a Cox!

Last week I traveled to the Social Security Adminstration of New York City to apply to change my last name from Barlow to Cox. It's wayyyyy downtown but, fortunately, my friend Lindsay came with me because she needed to change her name too. She got married on December 21st and is doing this a lot quicker than me! Anyways, we met early because we didn't want to be stuck in a long line. When we arrived, we literally waited 1 minute. There wasn't a single person waiting!! It was the quickest thing I've ever waited for! 

After that, I decided to go to the DMV for my new driver license. I thought for sure there would be a long line because 1) there's always a long line at the DMV 2) the SS office was so quick, knowing my luck, I'd be at the DMV for hours.

I walked in & grabbed a number. I took off my coat & my number is called. Shocked I walked over to the photo area & got my picture taken! I had to sign the piece of paper with my new name for to print on the license! Cool but surreal! It felt so crazy to be signing Jamie Cox instead of Jamie Barlow after 34 years of living! 

After the new photo, I sat for about 5 minutes till my number was called for the application process. The guy behind the counter was so friendly and congratulated me on my recently marriage. He asked me where I was born. When I told him Ohio & he said, "I just broke up with someone from Ohio, but I can tell you're nicer than her!"  I just laughed....what else could I do?! 

I was literally at the DMV for 9 minutes!! I couldn't believe it! I gave myself the whole day to do both the Social Security office & DMV & I was finished by 10:45am! All around awesome day!!

So today I received my new license & SS card in the mail! The license is a new design! Haven't seen one like this before! The little picture on the right isn't a hologram, it's see through! Also, it's in black & white when the last one was in color!! 

So let me sign off for the first time officially as: Jamie Marie Cox!!


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