Saturday, January 11, 2014

Officially a Cox!

Last week I traveled to the Social Security Adminstration of New York City to apply to change my last name from Barlow to Cox. It's wayyyyy downtown but, fortunately, my friend Lindsay came with me because she needed to change her name too. She got married on December 21st and is doing this a lot quicker than me! Anyways, we met early because we didn't want to be stuck in a long line. When we arrived, we literally waited 1 minute. There wasn't a single person waiting!! It was the quickest thing I've ever waited for! 

After that, I decided to go to the DMV for my new driver license. I thought for sure there would be a long line because 1) there's always a long line at the DMV 2) the SS office was so quick, knowing my luck, I'd be at the DMV for hours.

I walked in & grabbed a number. I took off my coat & my number is called. Shocked I walked over to the photo area & got my picture taken! I had to sign the piece of paper with my new name for to print on the license! Cool but surreal! It felt so crazy to be signing Jamie Cox instead of Jamie Barlow after 34 years of living! 

After the new photo, I sat for about 5 minutes till my number was called for the application process. The guy behind the counter was so friendly and congratulated me on my recently marriage. He asked me where I was born. When I told him Ohio & he said, "I just broke up with someone from Ohio, but I can tell you're nicer than her!"  I just laughed....what else could I do?! 

I was literally at the DMV for 9 minutes!! I couldn't believe it! I gave myself the whole day to do both the Social Security office & DMV & I was finished by 10:45am! All around awesome day!!

So today I received my new license & SS card in the mail! The license is a new design! Haven't seen one like this before! The little picture on the right isn't a hologram, it's see through! Also, it's in black & white when the last one was in color!! 

So let me sign off for the first time officially as: Jamie Marie Cox!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Falling asleep is Hard

Is it just me or is falling asleep hard?? I usually lay in bed for for at least 30-45 mins before crashing. Tim falls asleep right away! We always go to bed at the same time and once he kisses me goodnight and lays his head on the pillow, he's out! Me, on the other hand, lay there thinking about everything. I think about what to I'm doing that week, month, year. What dinners I'm making that week, even if I've already planned them. Then I think about job stuff, how to get more editing jobs, how to get money to buy a new computer..... The list goes on and on.

This is how I feel most of the time:

Does anyone else feel that way?? Or is it just me! Once I fall asleep, I'm usually down for the count but recently it's taken me over an hour to fall asleep! I'll look at Facebook in the dark to tire out my eyes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! 

Who knows! I guess I shouldn't complain and be thankful for the sleep I do get now because as soon as we start having kids, I hear sleep is sacred! Haha!!

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Hello family & friends,

Happy New Year! It's cold here in NYC but not as cold as some places! We are planning on hunkering down for the next few days while the bitter cold passes through.

I want to start blogging more in the new year. So here I go!

I am currently back to babysitting, 4 times a week, all at night, so I have my days free. The office job just wasn't for me! I realized  "once a freelancer, always a freelancer", which is fine because it gives me time to do the things I really want to accomplish. I'm working on getting back into video editing. Also, for Christmas, my family bought Tim & I this amazing camera so I'm looking forward to getting back into photography too!! As soon as it warms up a bit, Tim & I are planning on doing his new head shots! I've very excited about the camera because it's a legit camera & not just a point and shoot!

Tim has been busy working on different projects! He's much better at updating his actor blog! Check him out here:

I've made a list of things I want to accomplish in 2014. The month of January I am purging & organizing the apartment. This past weekend I went through all of our shoes & all of my T-shirts (I have a lot!!) Maybe I'll blog on how I'm doing this. The only thing that stinks is that our one and only laptop died a few weeks before Christmas & so we have just been using our phones! I'm currently typing this on my iPhone. I'm not sure how effected (or is it affected? I never know!) this will be over the phone!! If anyone knows how we can get money for a MacBook sooner than later, please let me know! It's been hard not having a computer!! #firstworldproblems

Anyways, JANUARY is Get Organized & Get Rid of Useless Crap month!!!!
So far:
1) 12 pairs of shoes
2) 8 t-shirts
3) old George Forman grill
4) old & useless bed sheets

More tomorrow! I'm working off this list...not necessary in order though!

Some of these I can eliminate since some of the don't apply to us, but I do think it's very helpful! Tomorrow I'm thinking of tackling my closet & under the bed! Not sure what's under there. I am thinking of going through it and labeling it all!! Yes, that's kind of OCD of me but why not!?! I'd love to get all these stuff organized while I'm not as busy! 

What kind of things do you do to keep organized???

Till next time,