Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Flower Girl & Ring Bearer


Keeley is the Groom's niece. She loves ballet, soccer and the Disney movie BRAVE! When the wedding day comes, Keeley will be 5 years old. Good thing, because she'll probably need to help the ring bearer walk down the aisle.

Dexter is the Bride's nephew. He love chewing on everything, drooling and cutting teeth. Dexter will be 15 months old when he takes on the very important job of ring bearer. Hopefully, he'll be walking by then! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tim's Attendants

    Shaun Cox – Best Man

    Shaun is the groom's youngest brother. They used to have Wrestlemania matches when their parents went out when they were younger (The groom was always Hulk Hogan). They played together on various sports teams, although Shaun was always the better athlete (The groom was the bench warmer). Having Shaun as Tim’s Best Man is something very special that Tim will always hold deep in his heart.
    The Cox brothers
    The Cox boys

    Al Cox – Groomsman

    Al is Tim’s oldest brother. If there was a movie, book or piece of music that has influenced Tim in some way, chances are that the recommendation came from Al. So if anyone wishes to the bust the groom’s chops about his taste in music, see Al. Seriously, the groom considers himself lucky to have his big brother standing by his side on his special day.

    Mike Turner – Groomsman

    Mike is Tim’s oldest friend from high school. Over 20 plus years, they have seen and done a lot together, including a play or two; closing down a bar or two and trunks of memories still to come. The groom wishes to thank Mike for always being there, especially on this, his wedding day. 

    Lawrence Lesher – Groomsman

    Larry is one of the groom’s closest friends in the city. In addition to their many collaborations together as actor and director, Larry has especially proven to be the most thoughtful and reliable of friends, something that the groom will always cherish.

          Chris Kateff- Groomsman

    Chris is another one of the groom’s closest friends in the city. There are many highlights from the groom’s relationship with Chris, but nothing beats closing down the Shannon Pot on consecutive days during the runs of both ‘’As You Like It’’ and ‘’A Midsummer Nights’ Dream’’. The groom had many great times with Chris. Who knows what the future holds?

     Chad Barlow- Groomsman

    Chad is Jamie’s brother and someone that the groom came to like immediately for his humor, energy and especially, his dedication to family. In the years to come,  the groom looks forward to building a strong bond with Chad and thanks him for being an important part of this very special day.

    Hoping to win some money on the lottery ticket!

      Wednesday, October 17, 2012

      Jamie's Attendants

      • Renee Barlow, Maid Of Honor 

        Renee is the bride's sister. They grew up making up dances, which the performed in their living room, and going to lots of Gavin DeGraw & Jason Mraz concerts. Having Renee as her Maid of Honor is something Jamie has been looking forward to her whole life and she's very excited.


          Haley Barlow, Maid Of Honor 

        Haley is Jamie's youngest sister. Jamie literally watched Haley being brought into this world. She taught Haley to sing and dance...and rap if you remember her when she was 3 years old. They both love musicals and tweeting at each other. Their nicknames for each other is: Bookends! 

        Adam Hundt, Man Of Honor 

        Adam has been Jamie's best friend since 10th grade. They have made so many memories together: Canada, Disney World, Chicago, California summer 2002, show choir and many other adventures. Jamie is very proud to have Adam in her bridal party as her Man of Honor.

        Leah Pekarik, Bridesmaid 
        Girl Scout circa 1992

        Leah and Jamie have known each other since kindergarten. They were in Girls Scouts together for 8 years at St. Albert school. They loved New Kids on the Block, never missing a word of any song. Even though they went to different high schools, they ended up at the same college. Jamie joined Omega Phi Alpha because Leah was the president of the sorority. 


        Darcy Miller, Bridesmaid 

        Darcy and Jamie met at Bowling Green because she was Leah's college roommate. Darcy and Jamie just clicked. Since then, they've regularly kept in touch. Darcy has visited Jamie a few times in NYC. They even went on a cruise together to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands.


        Keri Jensen, Bridesmaid 
        Keri and Jamie met in Cincinnati in January 2008. Even though Jamie moved to NYC 9 months later, Keri and Jamie became fast friends. They had a blast those 9 TRAGIC months! Keri was also one of the people who drove with Jamie when she moved to NYC. They still keep in touch and get together every time Jamie is in Ohio.

        Kathy Barlow, Bridesmaid

        Kathy is Jamie's sister-in-law and they get along just great! Jamie considers Kathy one of her best friends. Even if she wasn't related, Jamie would have asked Kathy to be a bridesmaid. Kathy has always been such a supportive friend. Jamie is so happy her brother Chad married a good one.