Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anniversary Road Trip

Hello readers!

We have 5 months to go till our 1st wedding anniversary on August 10th! I can't believe it's so soon & will be here before we know it!! Everyone loves an August wedding!! My lovely cousin Jacque is getting married to her fiancé Nick on Saturday August 9th in Cincinnati. Tim and I are so excited we will be able to attend! Especially because her reception is at the Montgomery Inn!! 😉 My Dad's 60th birthday is August 7th, my Grandma's 84th birthday & Jacque's wedding are August 9th & our anniversary on Sunday August 10th so there will be a lot of celebrating that week!! 

The original idea was to fly into Dayton the Wednesday before on August 6 & fly out the Wednesday after on August 13! But then I looked up flights. I know it's early to look for flights but I thought it may give me a ballpark figure. We would also want to rent a car for the week so we can travel around to visit friends. 

Right now, the flights from NY to Dayton are the typical $350 a piece. My friend Leah suggested flying into Detroit and renting a car from there. Flights there are $250. So much cheaper but then we'd have to rent a car too. Long story short, I thought, what if we make it a Anniversary Road Trip so we could actually have some time together for just us. Tim & I discussed it today and decided that is what we are going to do. Yay!

Soooooo, the plan is to rent a car and leave from NY on Sunday August 3rd or Monday August 4th and work our way to Dayton by Tues or Wed. I would like to relax in Dayton for the week, (my parents have a pool), then leave Dayton at the beginning of the following week after all the festivities, drive north to Bowling Green to visit friends then drive back to NY, while exploring! 

As most of you know, Tim doesn't drive, so I would be the only one behind the wheel. I don't mind that at all. I actually sort of miss driving. I can usually go for about 4-5 hrs before I need to stop. So the way to Ohio, we'd stop and stay the night somewhere. We are even thinking of just a cheap motel! If anyone can think of any TO-DO things from NY to OH along I76, let me know!

On the way back to NY, I think we will need to stop at Cedar Point! Tim's never been and it's been since college for me! We would stay the night there too! Are there any things YOU can think of from north Ohio to NY?

I downloaded an app called RoadTrippers. If gives info along your trip if you want to stop. Also, info on hotels & attractions close by to where you are located using your gps. I am going to do some research on there too.

I thought I would throw out this blog to see if anyone has any places to suggest! I'm so excited! It's going to be a blast! We will have to think of a hashtag for it! Hahaha!! #Always

Jamie & Tim

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bored outta my mind!

So we are almost at 7 months of being Mr & Mrs Cox. The months have flown by even though we haven't really been doing much. Tim just started his tour guide season. His first student tour started this past Friday. He's been gone all day and comes home around 11pm to sleep and get up at 630am to meet up with the group again. He loves being a tour guide. He is so energized and excited to be busy.

Me, on the other hand, seriously need something to do during the day. My current babysitting job is great. I work mostly 3-9pm or 5-11pm five times a week. The baby & parents are fantastic too. I really enjoy working for this family. I just need something else to do before work to keep me from being the laziest person on the earth. For instance, today I didn't have to work till 5pm and what did I do all day.....slept in untill 10:30am & watch back-to-back episodes of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix till 3:30. Seriously, what the heck!? Plus, it was the first spring like day outside and I sat inside all day. What is wrong with me?! I'm bored! I need a purpose! 

I want to start blogging and crafting more. Or get a part time day job that makes me get up & out of my apartment. I don't know why I've been so freaking lazy! I annoy myself!!! Help!! I need some kind of challenge or something to help me get out of this funk!!

Well, it's 10:30pm on a Saturday night, the baby has been sleeping since 7pm & I have 30 more minutes to go! I guess look through Facebook and Instagram and count down the minutes.