Sunday, October 13, 2013


It's been a little over 2 months since we got hitched! It was the best day ever! Everything turned out exactly how I imagined!! I know it's clique to say but it was truly a magical day! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding day!! 

Tim and I leave for our honeymoon in 2 weeks. We are going to Siesta Key, Florida!! I'm so excited to go relax for a week! I started my new job a week after the wedding and so far so good. It's a lot of work learning all the ropes, so the honeymoon will be a welcomed week off!!

Tim has been working a lot on many different projects. Check out his blog for updates.

I'll try to keep this blog updated more, I promise!!

Jamie & Tim 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

27 Days till Mr & Mrs

Hello Family & Friends,

We have 27 days until we become husband and wife. It's an overwhelming and surreal feeling but we are very excited for the day to arrive. We currently have all the big stuff paid! We just need to purchase mixers for the bar, ice to be delivered and our peanut butter cup cheesecake.

I currently have my dress hanging in our "wedding room". I've had it since July 5th. It's in a white garment bag so Tim won't see it, but he also doesn't want to see it. I still hung up a few dresses over it so he won't be tempted! :) He's a good boy. He won't look!!!

I started my new job a few weeks ago. I am the new personal assistant for a top realtor in NYC and her family. I am working 3 times a week there and then I'm still babysitting twice a week til August 2nd. Then I'll have 2 weeks off for the wedding. August 19th I start full time! It's excited because it's a salary job with benefits! I'm very excited to get started and into it full time. I'm such an organized person, I think this will be a good job for me.

Hey, folks...Tim here to say hello. I'm so excited about the big day on August 10th and sharing it with all of you. My tour season has come to an end and it was a good one. The money from my tours helped us in a major way when it came to paying for the wedding. I'm still busy with numerous acting projects, including film projects here in NYC, as well as in Boston. I'm so happy for Jamie and her new job. She's already working her tail off. So proud and happy for her.

Okay, Jamie's back. I wanted to let you guys know about our Live Feed of our wedding ceremony. Since we weren't able to invite everyone we wanted to because of our small venue, we have decided to do a live broadcast online of the ceremony. Here are all the details you'll need....

August 10, 2013
Ceremony starts at 3:30 but we'll start broadcasting at 3:20
Click here for our Welcome Video:

We really hope you'll be able to watch us become husband & wife! We'll blog again after the wedding!!

Thank you all again!
Jamie & Tim

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Junior Ushers


The bride and groom are absolutely thrilled and delighted that Kameron, the grooms' nephew, is sharing in their special day. Kameron is one in a million, a truly exceptional kid who's now growing into the role of a truly, exceptional young man. It only feels like yesterday that the groom was holding him in his arms as a baby. Aside from being an incredibly smart and sweet kid, Kameron is also the undisputed ''King Of Mini Golf''. You name a golf course and he's likely conquered it. The bride and groom are so very honored and touched that Kameron will be on hand to share and participate in their special day.


Look at that face! Who wouldn't love that face? Michael. the grooms' second cousin, is a fireball of energy and enthusiasm...a great that the bride and groom are so excited to have sharing and participating in the wedding days' festivities. Whenever the groom comes to visit for Thanksgiving, Michael is always at the train station with his Dad to meet up with him, something that the groom will always cherish. Michael also gives great hugs, which the bride especially enjoys and appreciates. Hugs from Michael will be available on the wedding day. Highly recommend that you get one! 

To Kameron and Michael: Thank you both for your help on our wedding day. We're so happy to have you both. 

We Love You,

Jamie and Tim