Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Junior Ushers


The bride and groom are absolutely thrilled and delighted that Kameron, the grooms' nephew, is sharing in their special day. Kameron is one in a million, a truly exceptional kid who's now growing into the role of a truly, exceptional young man. It only feels like yesterday that the groom was holding him in his arms as a baby. Aside from being an incredibly smart and sweet kid, Kameron is also the undisputed ''King Of Mini Golf''. You name a golf course and he's likely conquered it. The bride and groom are so very honored and touched that Kameron will be on hand to share and participate in their special day.


Look at that face! Who wouldn't love that face? Michael. the grooms' second cousin, is a fireball of energy and enthusiasm...a great that the bride and groom are so excited to have sharing and participating in the wedding days' festivities. Whenever the groom comes to visit for Thanksgiving, Michael is always at the train station with his Dad to meet up with him, something that the groom will always cherish. Michael also gives great hugs, which the bride especially enjoys and appreciates. Hugs from Michael will be available on the wedding day. Highly recommend that you get one! 

To Kameron and Michael: Thank you both for your help on our wedding day. We're so happy to have you both. 

We Love You,

Jamie and Tim

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